The Livingston Group, L.L.C.

International:  Countries, Trade and Global Corporations

The public profile of a sovereign nation in Washington, DC, can be critical to the success of that nation’s foreign policy goals. However, it’s truly a challenge to understand and navigating the US body politic, business community and civil society.

TLC is well-equipped to assist, as we routinely help sovereign nations reach objectives such as:

  • Addressing economic and trade impediments
  • Securing economic and defense assistance
  • Arranging multilateral financing
  • Engaging private sector partners and investors, and
  • Communicating and engaging with local diaspora communities.

This counsel requires in-country advocacy as well as access to US government resources and support from federal agencies, international organizations, associations, financial institutions, and Congress.

US corporations, non-profits and associations face their own unique challenges when attempting to achieve objectives in other countries. TLG provides strategic counsel to help clients find creative solutions to complex political, commercial and regulatory challenges across a variety of sectors, across the globe.

Both in the US and in other countries, we advise governments and private sector clients on responsible and sustainable standards for governance and business practices. We draw upon our expertise in the US, including specialized understanding and ability to access diaspora and minority communities and their advocates in civil society and Congress, as well as a network of affiliates around the world.