The Livingston Group, L.L.C.


The national defense, defense technologies and homeland security arena encompass the largest portion of the federal discretionary budget. These areas involve vast programs that are in constant review, creating a demand for advocacy in the executive and legislative branches of the government. Issues involving procurement, budget execution and industrial policy provide concerns to many companies and institutions.

The Livingston Group (TLG) has policy expertise in all security issue areas, from program and budget formulation to industrial base and procurement policy and reform. Our access to defense policy makers, those responsible for the budget in Congress and the executive branch is one of our strongest attributes.

In addition to Bob Livingston’s (R-LA) unmatched networks in the area of defense-related appropriations, TLG has a number of professionals with substantive knowledge and invaluable political expertise in the defense/technologies and homeland security arena.

TLG’s Defense Team

Representative Clients:

  • NAOC – The National Association of Ordnance Contractors
  • TenCate