The Livingston Group, L.L.C.

Education and Non-Profits

For our education and non-profit clients, TLG’s capabilities span the entire legislative and regulatory process. On behalf of our education and non-profit clients, TLG:

  • Secures federal funding for research, physical and programmatic expansion and technological upgrades
  • Provides advice regarding policy impacts and advocates for change, and
  • Develops message and outreach to potential supporters and collaborators in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

As advocates for education clients, we help address a wide range of issues before Congress, the executive branch and other policymakers. The issues we address reach into every aspect of our clients’ operations, including budgets, the expansion of facilities, the conservation of priceless collections, regulatory policies such as those governing student aid or distance learning, and even security aspects of student and faculty immigration status.

For non-profits, TLG works across its practice areas to facilitate relationships, access information and develop effective strategies for resolving challenges to growth and success. We are uniquely positioned to provide cross-practice expertise, particularly with our international and science and technology professionals.

Principals at TLG serve on dozens of non-profit and for-profit boards engaged in supporting education, health and nutrition, aid, and domestic and international development. We represent client organizations serving youth, the disadvantaged and the disaster stricken. For example, TLG and its affiliated law firm, Jones Walker, have been at the forefront of disaster relief efforts in the Gulf of Mexico, where many of the senior executives have personal, professional and family ties.

TLG’s Education and Non-Profits Team

Representative Clients:

  • The Baldrige Foundation
  • Boys Town, USA
  • Junior Achievement
  • Tulane University