The Livingston Group, L.L.C.

Government Relations

The networks of The Livingston Group and its affiliates extend widely within the administration. Relationships with Democratic and Republican members of the House and the Senate are broad and deep, and our team also includes former senior executive branch officials with an intimate knowledge of the policies, programs, personnel and operations of several key federal departments and agencies.

In turn, we’re able to quickly identify and engage key decision makers on behalf of our clients. We place particular emphasis on direct contacts with members, and our team of former members and high-level congressional staff is a special asset in that regard.

Actions at the state and local level can also have a profound impact on our clients’ interests. New trends in federalism continue to move regulatory and legislative power to the state and local levels. Policies ranging from antitrust enforcement to environmental protection to homeland security now impact companies as much in the states as in Congress or the federal bureaucracy.

The Livingston Group has Washington-based professionals, as well as strategic alliances in a number of state capitals that can deliver results in key states. Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland and Virginia are examples of our breadth of state expertise.

The Livingston Group also works on an international scale, with both an inward and outward focus. TLG is skilled at assisting and representing the interests of foreign governments and corporations in their US affairs and business before the Congress and with executive branch agencies. In some cases, TLG operates as an extension of a country’s embassy or US mission.

TLG is equally effective helping US-based clients in their dealings with foreign governments, including working with embassy officials in the US and with the legislative body and the executive branch in foreign countries.