The Livingston Group, L.L.C.


“Lobbyists are advocates in a complex system of legislation, just as lawyers are in the world of the courthouse.” – Bob Livingston

The Livingston Group has the necessary experience and expertise to design and implement comprehensive advocacy plans for our clients. These advocacy plans consider the multiple channels and vehicles for effectively communicating messages to key decision makers.

Our advocacy services include:

  • The identification of current and potential allies
  • The development and management of coalitions
  • The engagement of think tanks, educational institutions, non-profits, and other non-governmental organizations
  • Harnessing existing influential communities of support, from a company’s workforce to a country’s diaspora population in the US; and
  • Developing relationships with critical policy influencers that can reinforce and amplify a client’s message.

Through strategic advocacy, TLG helps clients deliver their message with maximum impact for maximum results.