The Livingston Group, L.L.C.

Strategic advisors: adding the best of the best to your team.

The Livingston Group maintains close working relationships with a select network of strategic advisors – firms and individuals whose specialized skills, knowledge, or relationships complement and enhance our core capabilities. Our strategic advisors are closely integrated into The Livingston Group’s teams to create the ideal brain trust for every client situation.

Strategic Advisors

  • Jones Walker LLP
    New Orleans, LA; offices in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Washington, DC
    Legal services
  • Ricardo Aponte
    PONS Corporation
    Palmetto Bay, FL
  • Harvey F. Ernest, Jr.
    Falls Church, VA
    Federal business development
  • Maureen Holohan
    Avise Solutions
    Rockville, MD
    Consulting services, government relations, evaluation and support for strategic planning connected to federal policy and funding issues
  • Omeed Jafari
    NorthPoint Analytics, Inc.
    McLean, VA
    Corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, global risk analysis
  • Marcus Lubin
    The DLM Group
    Washington, DC
    Government relations
  • Becky Nictakis
    Miller Nictakis Group
    Baton Rouge, LA
    Grant Writing: Research, Project Assessment, Writing, FEMA Funding, Administration
  • The Honorable David Ramadan
    RAMA International, Inc.
    Dulles, VA
    Federal and international business development
  • Alexandra Kapeletzi CEO, and Professor Gerasimos J. Seriatos
    Mentor 17
    Athens, Greece and
    London, United Kingdom
  • The Honorable Paula Stern, PhD 
    The Stern Group LLC
    Washington, DC
  • John Thackrah
    Sextant Solutions LLC
    Norfolk, VA
    Aerospace, maritime and government acquisition consultant
  • Iain C. Watt
    IGI Solutions Limited
    Surrey, United Kingdom